Lynn Koworera has a background in Adult Nursing BSc and Physician Associate MSc. She has a post registration qualification in advanced non medical prescribing and she has practical experience working in the NHS tertiary centres and large NHS trusts in specialities such as care of the elderly, dermatology and clinical research. Lynn has spent her most recent clinical career in general practice

In this interview Lynn talks about how the desire to do a PhD has been with her since childhood.   

Lynn describes how she discovered the professional doctorate (DProf) as a route that would enable her to continue working as well as conducting research into an area of clinical interest.

We discuss the importance of steering your own ship and remaining in control of the direction of your thesis.

We also explore the importance of practices such as time-blocking and journaling to support your PhD journey.

There is a great little video on time-blocking with google calendar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL9W57USXPg

Or, if you love a printable (and who doesn’t?!) then this is a great resource: https://heydonna.com/2015/12/time-blocking-101-plus-free-printable-worksheet/

Lynn talks about being part of the supportive community of PhD students on instagram.  You can find her at: @researchwithlynn 

You can find out more about her mentorship work here: https://researchwithlynn.co.uk/

You can find the PhD Life Raft on instagram too: @phdliferaft 

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