Natasha is a researcher, facilitator, and theatre-maker.  Her PhD research, specializing in applied theatre approaches to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

In this episode we discuss how Natasha has turned her research into a business.

Natasha shares her journey into the PhD and how she drew on her practical experience with a Theatre Company to shape the scope of her project.

We talk about how her work developed – even in the shadow of the pandemic – and how it led to the delivery of workshops and performances which, in turn, has now become ‘Running at Walls’ a company specializing in consent education through creative methodology.

Natasha touches on the challenges of learning about the mechanics of running a business alongside her research work but also shares how the business has helped her PhD and vice versa.

We finish with a top tip on how to use your research skills to start your own enterprise.

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