This week’s episode takes an honest look at the realities of the PhD journey.

Nick Rowe describes himself as a “trans-disciplinary educationalist”, with interests in scientific communication and academic/professional development. He is a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and the Society for Education and Training and worked as a lecturer in the UK but is now based in Finland.

Nick’s latest book is The Realities of Completing a PhD: How to Plan for Success and it draws on international data to explore key issues such as wellbeing, work-life balance and employment prospects for PhD students.

In this conversation we talk about the sense of disorientation that new PhD students might feel and what may be behind it.  We also talk about the challenges of the supervisor-student relationship and the wider systemic elements that may impact on your journey through the PhD.

Nick emphasizes the importance of independent learning and encourages doctoral students to see themselves as experts in their own field from the very beginning.

Here is the link to Nick’s book: https://www.routledge.com/The-Realities-of-Completing-a-PhD-How-to-Plan-for-Success/Rowe/p/book/9780367677626

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