This week’s guest is Nicole Brown – Director of Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd. and Lecturer in Education at the UCL Institute of Education.  Nicole was awarded her PhD in Sociology at the University of Kent for her thesis “The ‘I’ in fibromyalgia: the construction of academic identity under the influence of fibromyalgia”. 

Nicole begins by talking about her own journey through the PhD as a part-time, mature student.

We then talk about what to do with all the ideas that come to you but don’t belong in your current project.

We also explore how a reflective journal can be a powerful tool on your PhD journey – as a means to process material and as a way of documenting your own thoughts and feelings around a subject area.

Nicole outlines the range of forms that a reflective journal might take and offers some ideas for practice.

She also reminds us of the importance of experimentation and why failure is just a mode of learning.

You can find out more about Nicole’s work here: https://www.nicole-brown.co.uk/


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