Welcome back to the first episode of Season Two!

We are starting off with thinking about reciprocity and building a supportive and encouraging academic community.

Dr Dave Maslach is an Associate Professor in Innovation Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Florida State University.  In this episode we talk about his own journey through an undergrad in Chemical Engineering and Sociology into his doctoral programme in Business Administration.

Dave identifies the importance of believing in yourself and not giving up – particularly as the first generation to go to university.

As part of his desire to promote encouragement Dave has created the r3ciprocity programme https://www.r3ciprocity.com/ – a peer-support proofreading and editing platform.  He also broadcasts on his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5spxk7bNDMGPSHjW_8ndZA

This episode is full of positive words and advice – including the top tip of taking a walk to help shift your mood.  There is lots of evidence about the benefits of walking.  Here is a link to a summary article: https://www.standard.co.uk/escapist/wellness/can-walking-help-mental-wellbeing-a4244901.html

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