Welcome to February!

I am a big believer in working with the rhythms of nature – even if we don’t consciously notice the changing of the seasons our bodies do!  So, for example, the cold dark mornings of winter can make it more of a challenge to dive into writing.  Sometimes acknowledging the external factors at play can help you understand why things may be feeling especially difficult.

I also love the fact that, with each turn of the wheel of the year, you get the opportunity to make a fresh start!  The PhD is a looong project and it can be really productive to break  it down into smaller, more manageable, chunks of time.  It can be great to harness the energy of the seasons to propel you and your research project forward and locate yourself in time rather than feel lost and overwhelmed in the vast expanse of the doctorate.  

This month is a great opportunity for a new beginning.  Imbolc – celebrated around 1st/2nd February –  marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  It’s a time of anticipation and preparation for the coming of spring, associated with the awakening of the earth after winter. ***

Traditional festivities celebrate a new phase and you might want to go full-on Imbolc and light a fire to honour the returning of the sun. Or it may be that you just want to have a bulb in a pot on your desk to remind you that even if nothing seems to be happening on the surface – and we all have days like that – there are amazing things happening underneath that will ultimately come into bloom.

Wishing you a wonderful month!


*** For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere I do recognise the bias here but I do also want to celebrate the change in seasons with you and the opportunity to change-up your rhythm and welcome in a new phase!