It’s the last episode of season one and our Christmas special and we are celebrating with two guests!

Chloé Bradwell is a Drama practitioner and SWW DTP funded PhD candidate at the University of Exeter and Aberystwyth University. Chloé has held the positions of Activity Manager and Research Associate in care homes and continues working as a freelance Drama Practitioner in dementia care while undertaking her PhD part-time.

Rachel Hopkin is a first year, full-time, TECHNE funded PhD in the Media Arts department at Royal Holloway.  Her project explores the representation of love between humans and robots.  Like Chloé she has returned to study after experience in industry and has worked with two of the largest theatrical agencies in the UK.   

In this seasonal episode we think about how to handle the holidays as a PhD student….

We talk about guilt; we talk about exhaustion; but we also talk about how to make the most of what this period may offer. 

Rachel is looking forward to a change in pace after a pressurised first term and Chloe’s plans for the holidays are built around spending time with her daughter.

We talk about how rest can be a productive activity – for more information listen to episode 3 with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang on this issue: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/rest-why-you-get-more-done-when-you-work-less-alex/id1537420258?i=1000496719040

Rachel also shares some tips on how to build a support network – even if you are an introvert!

The podcast will be back with Season 2  on 5th January 2021.  Until then wishing you a peaceful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year! 

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