This week’s episode deals with an issue that many of us are grappling with – stress.

Jenny Mercer is Reader in Qualitative Approaches to Applied Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Her research interests focus on experiential enquiries of student experience and the impact of green care and outdoor activities on health and wellbeing. She is the Graduate Studies Co-ordinator for doctoral candidates in Health Sciences, and leads the Doctoral Wellbeing Initiative within the university. As a supervisor, chair of vivas and examiner of doctoral theses, much of her working week focuses on doctoral education in some shape or form so she has a lot of wisdom to share!

In this episode we talk about conducting experiential research and the development of Jenny’s own work in this field.

We also explore the potential sources of stress for PhD students as well as strategies for coping with it.

We also touch upon the importance of recognising you are not on your own and of sharing information and resources.

Here is the link to Jenny’s research and contact information: https://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/health/staff/Pages/Dr-Jenny-Mercer.aspx

Here is the link to the material on the Eisenhower Matrix that Jenny discusses in the episode: https://www.eisenhower.me/eisenhower-matrix/

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