A 2021 survey by The Chronicle of Higher Education found that almost 70% of US faculty members were experiencing a level of burnout.  Stress and burnout are certainly very common in the academy and the pandemic has only made that worse.  In this episode Nicole Janz, writer, scholar and coach, discusses her own experience of burnout within the university and what she learnt from it.

We talk about symptoms and how to identify burnout.

We talk about making space to check-in with yourself – and the importance of putting it in your calendar.

Nicole suggests a process of reframing your story and gives a top tip around being kind to yourself.

You can find out more and make contact with Nicole here: https://nicolejanz.com/

As part of the episode we reference the work of Rowena Murray.  You can find her podcast episode here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/how-to-finish-your-thesis-with-rowena-murray/id1537420258?i=1000512099557

We also talk about Catherine Pope. Her podcast episode is here:


Both Rowena and Catherine were part of the recent PhD Life Raft Summit and you can gain access to the replays of their live sessions – as well as Catherine’s ecourses on ‘How to Edit Your Own Academic Writing’ and ‘Preparing for Your Viva’; Rowena’s article documenting her work; and lots of other resources – in the PhD Life Raft Summit bonus bundle.  The bundle is available to purchase until Monday 9th May for £48 (the price will then increase to £99).  You can find out more here: https://emmab.kartra.com/page/jxF199

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