Dr Petra Boynton is an Agony Aunt and Social Psychologist.  She specialises in International Health Research from a Critical Perspective.  Her books include The Research Companion and Being Well in Academia.

In this episode Petra begins by reflecting on her journey through her self-funded PhD.

We then address the issue of bullying in academia.

We talk about Petra’s own experience of witnessing bullying in academia, as well as being bullied.

We explore what to do if you are being bullied and Petra also shares advice for those who are aware that bullying is happening to someone else.

If you have been affected by these issues you should check your university’s Codes of Conduct and regulations, alongside ethical guidance. You might also want to join or form a union.

You can find Petra’s book is here:  https://www.amazon.com/Being-Academia-Insider-Guides-Success/dp/0367186705/ref=sr_1_1?crid=20LC8NPQR93BH&keywords=petra+boynton&qid=1652043010&sprefix=petra+boynton%2Caps%2C123&sr=8-1

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