This week’s podcast tackles the problems and possibilities of being a part-time PhD student.

Katie Hall is currently a creative practice PhD student, with project Queer as Friends. As a creative writing practitioner, Katie is editing her debut novel and freelancing as a journalist for LGBTQ lifestyle press. She has recently been longlisted for the second Primadonna Writing Prize, and will be included in the upcoming Arachne Press ‘Tymes goe by turnes’ anthology. In 2019, Katie was shortlisted for the Lichfield Cathedral The Word poetry prize. Katie is the creator and screenwriter of the first London LBQ web series, the award winning ‘She’s in London’.

In this episode Katie shares how her experience of cancer led to her take-up the opportunity of voluntary redundancy as a means to follow her passion for creative writing and research.  

Katie talks about the PhD as a personal development process and shares some of the practical considerations of coming back into the academy and how to balance study with other interests and responsibilities.  

She also talks about her innovative research project and her own creative process.  You can find out more about Katie’s work here: http://www.katiemhall.com/

The book Katie mentions is ‘Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World’ by Cal Newport.

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In this episode we are joined by my kitten Fred who wanted in on the action!

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