This week’s guest is the amazing Gilly McKeown AKA @neurodivergent_researcher.  

We begin by talking through the twists and turns of Gilly’s own story; and her spirit of curiosity will be an inspiration to anyone who is still trying to find their ‘thing’.

We then talk about her own late diagnosis of Autism and self-diagnosis of ADHD and the possibilities and challenges she faces as a neurodivergent scholar.

Gilly shares some of the strategies that she has found useful and promotes finding community as a way of accessing information and support.

Here are some of the references Gilly recommends:

Twitter –







Instagram – 




Facebook Groups – 

Neurodivergent Graduate Students 

Autistic Researchers Researching Autism 

You can contact Gilli here: 

Instagram is neurodivergent_researcher

Facebook is that too

Twitter is gemckeown1

Website is neurodivergentresearcher.com

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