Welcome to May!

May is a month of abundance! In the Northern hemisphere there is new growth everywhere with flowers and trees coming into bloom.  In many cultures, May heralds celebrations of fertility, harvest, and prosperity.  It’s a time for planting seeds, both literal and metaphorical, with hopes of reaping a bountiful harvest in the days to come. 

Abundance mindset is so important for the PhD – particularly because scarcity culture is rife.  Rather than viewing academia through this scarcity lens – not enough time, not enough resources, fierce competition – abundance mindset can encourage a more expansive perspective.  There can be recognition of the scope for collaboration and innovation as well as an openness to research that recognises the richness of the journey rather than focusing on end goals and understands set-backs as part of the experience that offers opportunity for growth.

Much easier said than done of course, and I am not suggesting you become ‘Pollyanna’ – but I would encourage you to recognise what scarcity thinking is costing you.  As Shafir and Mullainathan document in their book ‘Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means so Much’, scarcity thinking literally shuts your brain down so that you can’t think expansively – which is what the PhD needs.  Even just noticing when you are going into that ‘not enough’ mindset can be really useful.

This month in PhD Book Club we will be going deeper into the dynamics of scarcity mindset through the discussion of ‘Scarcity Brain’ by Michael Easter.  We will be meeting on Thursday 23rd May at 7.45pm BST.  If you would like to join us you can sign up here: https://mailchi.mp/cfc4bd3178bd/phd-book-club

You don’t have to have read the book to join in the discussion! 

Wishing you a fabulous month full of abundance!