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About The PhD Life Raft Podcast 


Our Story

It is well recognised that there is a mental health and well-being crisis in graduate education, with up to 30% of PhD students developing a psychiatric condition during their studies. In the context of declining NHS support, it is increasingly falling to universities to offer support to their students. While universities are getting increasingly proactive around student mental health and well-being, as the National Union of Students acknowledges, provision can overlook the needs of postgraduates.

In response Harriet Hawkins and Emma Brodzinski had the idea of developing a podcast aimed at exploring the issues around mental health and well-being faced by the postgraduate student community.

Our Goals and Vision

 The PhD Life Raft focuses on sharing insights and experiences around  some common issues like anxiety, procrastination,  precariousness, imposter syndrome, and work-life balance. We talk to students, supervisors and experts in the field of wellbeing and mental health and share actionable tips and additional resources.

The PhD Life Raft offers a space to discuss pressing issues; explore possible strategies; and provide sources of support for your doctoral journey. 

Meet the Host

Dr Emma Brodzinski is a Research Associate based at Royal Holloway, University of London.  She is also a state registered therapist with a range of experience in adult mental health. 

She has developed a range of projects around student mental health – including ‘Breathing Space’ for TECHNE the Doctoral Training Programme of the AHRC. 

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