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Doing a PhD is tough.  The PhD Life Raft is here to help get you through.


The PhD Life Raft

It can be hard to know where to turn during a PhD, especially as universities can often feel like pressurised environments where it seems important to always been seen to be at your best. 

Hosted by Dr Emma Brodzinski PhD (supervisor, examiner and once part-time PhD student), The PhD Life Raft focuses on sharing insights and experiences around  some common issues like anxiety, procrastination,  precarity, imposter syndrome, and work-life blend (spoiler alert – yes, it is OK to take time off at the weekend!)  Emma talks to students, supervisors and experts in the field of wellbeing and mental health and share actionable tips and additional resources.

The PhD life raft sadly can’t offer any quick fixes, but it does offer a space to discuss pressing issues; explore possible strategies; and provide sources of support for your journey. 


Dr Emma Brodzinski


Recent Episodes

What I wished I had known when I started my PhD…


Season 1, Episode 1   

How to Survive Your PhD with Usman Sikander

Usman Sikander is originally from Pakistan and moved to the UK to do a PhD in Advanced Composites (aerospace engineering) at the University of Bristol. He is currently writing up his thesis and working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) and a Chief Resident (C/SR) within...

Bullying in Academia with Petra Boynton

Dr Petra Boynton is an Agony Aunt and Social Psychologist.  She specialises in International Health Research from a Critical Perspective.  Her books include The Research Companion and Being Well in Academia.In this episode Petra begins by reflecting on her...

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