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 I help PhD researchers navigate their doctoral journey from managing issues such as imposter syndrome, perfectionism and difficult relationships with their supervisors; to maintaining motivation; and finding fulfilment and even enjoyment on their PhD journey.


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The PhD journey can be very disorientating as you enter uncharted territory.  My free guide will help you identify the different phases you will pass through and the pitfalls to look out for.


My PhD Life Raft podcast provides weekly episodes on everything from loneliness to juggling the PhD with parenthood.


I have developed a range of resources drawing on my 27 years experience in HE working with academic colleagues and PhD researchers.




Courses and events

My range of courses and events including 5 day challenges; retreat days; monthly book club and programmes will help you make progress and meet deadlines. 




In order to complete your PhD, you must believe it is possible.

“The PhD detox” has been life-changing for me (I know that sounds dramatic but it seriously has!). During the 6 weeks of the programme, I had waves of insights and realisations that are not only impacting the way I am approaching my PhD journey, but my wider personal and professional life too. I have gone from seeing my PhD as something else on my to-do-list to something that is part of me, that IS me. The fire in my belly has re-awakened and I am excited to continue on my journey. Thank you Emma x".

Course Participant – Spring 2022

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Through my expert courses, vibrant researcher community and high-ranking podcast, I work to inspire a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Yes! I really can do this” for doctoral candidates.  

I don’t believe in cookie-cutter “how to guides” that swamp you with more information.  Instead I focus on identifying what is blocking your progress and help you bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, generating momentum through consistent implementation to move you closer to successfully completing your thesis.


The PhD Life Raft Podcast

The weekly PhD Life Raft Podcast launched in 2020 and now, over 200,000 downloads later(!), it is ranked in the top 5% of 2, 944, 394 podcasts on Listen Notes and it is shared widely as an important resource for PhD researchers.


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